Stories of Healing and Hope

Every class, therapy session and gathering we had in the program for 12 months helped me realize that God loved me despite my brokenness. Today I am living my testimony of transformation in Jesus Christ. I am currently supporting men at the Kampala residential home and through this I have seen my life and the lives of men change.
Jimmy Kajiri
Former student 2019
I got into drugs and alcohol as early as senior 1, moved from school to school. Ultimately, dropped out of school. I had a close brush with death at least 4 times. Lived on the streets, separated from family, hopeless and frustrated. Today I am a NEW man, full of hope and aspirations, able to seek for a job after completing a course in solar maintenance and Installation. Joyful, surrounded by Love.
Peter Mujizi
Former student 2022
After I lost my mother at the age of 12 everything changed. I left like I had lost everything; she was all I had and she loved me so much. Left to fend for myself, I turned to friends who negatively influenced me into a life of Drugs and living on the streets. At about age 15, i encountered LOVE again through TCU and everything changed. I found hope and purpose for living. I encountered God.
Allan Bwiire
Former student 2014
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Pete Anderson
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